New Gear Analyzer Further Ensures Quality Parts

Although our climate-controlled inspection room was pretty full, we were able to find space for a new piece of equipment. Recently we acquired a repowered Gleason 3025 CNC gear-measuring system from Penta Gear Products LLC. The goal of adding this machine was to take some of the load off of our existing PECo ND430 gear analyzer and also increase our overall gear-inspection capabilities.

The new granite-base machine has a 20-in. table diameter that will accommodate a 25-in. maximum diameter part. With a diametral-pitch range of .0785 to 50.5, we can cover just about every gear request presented to us. The Gleason 3025 CNC gear-measuring system includes software for spur gears (internal and external), helical gears (internal and external), splines (internal and external), worm shafts and even hobs. We can also verify tooth-to-tooth alignment, check gears in relationship to different features on a part and even identify an “unknown” gear. Both gear analyzers allow us to record all customer-quality and traceability data requirements.

Lead error, involute error, tooth-to-tooth spacing and pitch line runout are critical features that must be verified in order to produce high-quality gears. These and many more specifications can be inspected on both the Gleason 3025 and the PECo ND430, providing the assurance that we’re meeting – and exceeding – our customers’ quality expectations.