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Spur Gears: custom made to your specifications, external and internal, fine and heavy pitch

spur-helical-gearsThe Adams Company manufactures external and internal spur gears to customer specifications in sizes up to 24” O.D., 15” I.D. and pitches ranging from 3 to 32. We manufacture both external (up to 24 in. diameter) and internal (up to 15 in. internal diameter) spur gears. These gears can be constructed from ferrous or non-ferrous materials that have splined, keyed or ground bores. We offer crown hobbing, grinding, and shaving. Gears can be manufactured with an integral shaft or bored. Heat treatment is optional.

  • External or internal types
  • Up to 24″ maximum external diameter, 1/2″ minimum
  • Up to 15″ maximum internal diameter, 5/8″ minimum
  • Pitches from 3 to 32
  • Crown hobbing
  • Shaved or unshaved teeth
  • With integral shaft or bored, with keys, splined or plain
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous materials including steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron and bronze
  • Heat treated or non-heat treated
  • Large or small quantity runs